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Eliminating Excess Waste in Manufacturing

How Web 3.0 Technology Is Helping Brands Eliminate Waste From Excess Manufacturing And Become More Environmentally Friendly

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In today’s Web3tv interview, we’re with Mike Charalambous, the CEO of Threedium, to discuss whether Web 3.0 technology is actually environmentally friendly and how it’s helping to eliminate waste from excess manufacturing.

Mike, can you tell us how Web3 technology can actually help to eliminate waste from excess manufacturing which obviously will benefit the environment

Basically what we’re talking about is traceability and sustainability. The fact that one can now use a digital train or a three dimensional model, certified on the chain, being able to then use it as a prototype to ship it back and forth so anyone that interacts with it or sees it can then see on the chain that it is certified and say belongs to Rolex.

That’s the rolex prototype and the fact I don’t need to physically create or send something to you to prove it to you is already a huge win.

Secondly, the fact that you can first buy the digital collectible and then as proof of ownership it can carry inside information such as traceability of the materials that were used and sourced to produce the actual item. The fact that you can have it authenticated on the chain means you don’t need to print certification.

Thirdly the fact that you don’t need to physically see something manufactured but can trust the digital twin or the three dimensional display to ensure that it is real and what your going to order is certified and guaranteed to be sent to you means brands no longer need to require mass producing before selling the product. This is so huge in terms of inventory management and shifting to more of an ad hoc production line so that brands only produce exactly what is being ordered or what is being demanded instead of building a huge inventory collection which they need to then toss or burn or recycle if they remain unsold.

What Are The Types Of Industries That Can Become More Environmentally Friendly Adopting Web3 Technology

Fashion is an obvious industry that can benefit from digital trains and three dimensional models being certified on the blockchain but the same also applies for any kind of industry that requires manufacturing, be it for example automotive, or jewelry, or even the fact you’ll need to extract diamonds and you can shape diamond and then certify them on the chain as the perfect cut, clarity, color and carats.

The same applies with microchips right now because if more and more users are going into the habit of ordering a car based upon a three dimensional configator design, and only after they place the order does that car go into production this enables the car brand to require a much lower up front payment and demand for microchips, which right now it’s a huge problem in terms of supply in the industry, could possibly be alleviated.

All this is again powered by Web 3.0 because the digital train acts as the proof of ownership or certified proof of demand on chain which then sends the signal for production.

So anything that has to do with production, Mike sees as having huge transitions and huge shifts in manufacturing behavior and strategies.




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