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Gaming In The Metaverse | Web3 Technology Changing The Future of Games

Why Gaming In The Metaverse Is Likely To Change The Future of Games 

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In today’s Web3TV video, Rami James from ultra.io talks about his concept of the metaverse, what blockchain gaming would look like in his ideal version of the metaverse and the challenges that need to be overcome to build such a metaverse capable of widespread adoption.

What is the Meta Version of Metaverse?

There are a number of different versions for what this concept of the metaverse  could look like. According to Rami the metaverse, as it stands today is, very much co-opted by the company Meta and their vision from like a virtual reality and augmented reality perspective. However, their intent is to be the place where people go for their metaverse experience so that they can like control where the data flows because their interested in advertising and in particular advertising in a 3-dimensional space.

This is not what Rami thinks of is the best future for the metaverse.

What Is An Alternative Vision For The Metaverse?

Rami’s answer is always the metaverse is your digital version that you control. That digital version of you goes from one application to another and makes up the history of all the stuff that you’ve done in the past such as your internet search history and social profile posting. However, it also extends to bigger picture things like the house that you live in, the things that you’ve collected over time and the art that you’ve made.

So the metaverse is a bunch of you people living together in a digital space through their digital identity.

What is the Ideal Blockchain Gaming Metaverse?

Rami’s ideal scenario for a blockchain gaming metaverse is a constellation of games connected into this metaverse where there’s an overriding story that has been happening and you’ve experienced parts of the story and you’ve collected stuff in the story through things that you’ve done.

You have your own digital identity account in this Web3 gaming metaverse, you have your play history and these are NFTs. You have the option in this metaverse to play a number of different games which could be built by multiple different companies and multiple different people. It is being built by lots of artists pouring their soul into their life’s works into this metaverse that can be experienced in 3-D, in virtual reality, in augmented reality or still in 2-D. The metaverse is what brings this gaming experience and gaming community together.

Could The Metaverse Be Its Own Country?

While not technically becoming its own country, the metaverse being like a country is a good metaphor. Inside a country you have a bunch of different cities with their personalities. They have a lot of different buildings with stuff that you can do in those different buildings. Some people live in one city. Some people live in the other city. Sometimes they’re paths never cross. Sometimes they do. You can do things with friends in another city. It takes a lot of planning to build out a country like this and there are a lot of like core concepts like digital identity which need to be finalized when building this technology.

The Issues Around Creating A Digital Identity In The Metaverse

When you’re talking about ah digital identity, and that’s actually a problem Rami has worked on in the past, it’s no small thing. Digital identity is more than facts, like your name, your’ age or how tall or short you are. It’s also your reputation and because reputation can be implemented on chain like on a blockchain network as something which can be queried by people, this has real meaning.

People can quickly identify ‘bad actors’ in the metaverse, that is, people who may have acted badly in a game.  When building a game or community, how do you set controls around who is allowed to join, how long do these bad acts stay on your reputation and what scale do you put around ‘bad’ types of actions.

For example, if you did a bad thing a week ago, is that worse than if you did a bad thing five years ago. Whatever you’re building, has to take those kinds of things into account, because what you’re actually doing is creating player matching algorithms. For example, if you have a game and set it to only play with people with a reputation above say ‘x’, then that reputation of ‘x’ should be calculated on a bunch of different factors. Things, like you didn’t do bad things in the last couple of weeks or generally does nice things and plays the way that you expect them to play?

Why Is Building In Web3 Gaming and the Metaverse Taking So Long?

Creating a metaverse is profound. When people look at the blockchain space and feel it is moving too slowly and question why things have not been built more quickly it needs to be remembered smart people have been working on this for over ten years.

A lot of the problem is this space is unexplored. People have never tried to do this stuff before. Going down this path and trying to solve problems that are hugely complex, where there’s a lot of potential negative impact for people if things go wrong like digital identity theft, this things need to sorted out before they’re deployed to you know the mainstream audience.

People are struggling to solve these issues in the real world at the moment, let alone in the metaverse.

However, the solutions and technology are getting closer, and it is exciting about what we can experience in the blockchain metaverse space over the next few years.

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