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How The Utiliti Platform Is Helping Businesses Seamlessly Move From Web 2.0 to Web 3.0

How to Build in Web 3.0

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Contrary to popular belief, most of the people working in Web 3.0 have little to no interest in cryptocurrency as a speculative financial asset. Often the motivation for entering into Web 3.0 is a much deeper reason and when you have a better understanding of the motivations of the people behind the technology, it makes it easier for new users to want to educate themselves more on the possibilities of this new technology.

Nikolas Moore and his team are building something very special over on Utiliti to help businesses seamlessly move from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, so make sure you watch the video above for his full interview and be inspired about the platform that can take your business into Web3.

The Motivation Behind Nikolas Moore Entering Into Web 3.0

Having previously worked at Amazon Web Services (AWS), Nik was inspired by the revolutionary customer focused solution provided to businesses by AWS on a global scale in cloud computing.

As he began to learn more about Web3 and blockchain, he began to see the potential of how this new technology could replace archaic business models with a more user friendly experience for customers.

Nik also quickly realized it was prohibitively complex to build on the blockchain, and as a result it was predominantly only people looking for a quick profit that were engaging in it, such as building speculative cryptocurrency assets in the form of tokens or NFTs.

So he began to think about how he could bring an AWS level of operational excellency to blockchain tools, at an affordable price point, to allow any developer from any corner of the globe to build world-changing use cases.

The 4 Tasks People Perform on the Blockchain

At its most basic level, there are four tasks that people routinely perform on the Blockchain:

– Pulling data off the blockchain
– Putting data on the blockchain
– Moving data on the blockchain around
– Setting up accounts (wallets) that hold this data

With a clear understanding of these tasks, Nik created Utiliti.

Utiliti: The Web3 Platform For Developers

With a clear vision and mission, Utiliti was born. Utiliti is a platform that lets any developer in any coding language build on any blockchain they want to, effectively interacting with it as a database.

It provides a platform to carry out all of the blockchain tasks faster and in one place, providing for their customers Web3 data, transactions and wallet requirements.

In its initial stage, people with a tech background will be best able to use the Utiliti platform. However, the goal is in six months time that anyone can use it. As an analogy, it has the potential to be for building in Web 3.0 what WordPress was for the creation of websites.

How Utiliti Helps Businesses Move from Web2 to Web3

The most common use of the Utiliti platform so far has been by game developers and Web3 businesses looking to build a token or NFT marketplace.

However, a number of web2 businesses are now also looking to leverage web3 assets to drive engagement to their business, for example through the creation of digital loyalty programs. Utiliti is enabling them to do so by allowing them to onboard their clients through the creation of wallets and accounts without them even knowing they are engaging in Web 3 technology, removing friction.

This is only the start of potential uses with social platforms, creator platforms, data storage solutions and the ability to send messages to wallets because they hold a particular NFT also options and the list goes on. There will likely be so many imaginative use cases in the future we don’t even understand yet.

The Future Of Building In Web3 With Utiliti

Ultimately, as well as helping businesses evolve with the new technology, Nik is motivated for the Utiliti platform to be used by people looking to build solutions to make a difference in the world. People who are thinking outside of the box about what might be unlocked by this tech, are highly creative, compassionate and want to see this tech make the world a better place.

No one is limited by their age, geographic location or background in being able to create these solutions.


If you have any interest in how Web 3 technology can help your business, or if you see an inefficiency in the world and have an idea how it can be solved using blockchain technology, go to utiliti.ai and book in your free consultation.

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