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How To Build A Web3 Social Community


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In today’s Web3TV interview, we’re with Jeff Bogensberger, founder and CEO of the Laughing Otter and we’re going to find out what a Web 3.0 community is and how it can make social impact. Jeff through the Laughing Otter is creating a large membership community that makes a social impact, particularly for children with mental health which makes him well qualified to answer our questions.

What is Web 3.0 and How Does it Help Build A Social Community?

Web 3.0 evolved from Web 1.0 which was flat, read only websites and Web 2.0 which was more engaging websites like Facebook, Amazon, and Google. Web 3.0 is now using blockchain technology to give control over data and information to the individual user and allowing for more peer-to-peer interaction and decentralization of processes.

What is important to note with Web 3.0 is the emotional connection that Web 3.0 proponents are having with each other on a human level. There are literally hundreds of millions of people who believe that this new technology and the direction that we’re heading will have a real positive social impact on the world.

The potential for disruption to traditional ways of doing things and archaic institutions and giving the individual a fairer chance in life. The emotional attachment to this change is allowing for people to build community because of the target market, the Web 3.0 individual.

The Web 3.0 community is really open to conversation and change and really are the types of people who are looking for reasons to connect and to be a part of something special.

So If We Were To Use The Laughing Otter As An Example Of Building A Community, Can You Talk Us Through Your Process From Vision Through To Implementation?

According to Jeff, he had an advantage in the process in that he spent the last twenty years in sales roles, customer facing roles and in leadership roles that have a real heavy sales component to them, so he has years of experience in getting out, interacting with people and building a market and building a customer base.

The basic philosophies are the same. You need to become clear with your vision and the types of people who you believe will resonate with that vision, and then it’s really a matter of being active in all sorts of channels whether it’s Twitter spaces, Twitter, Discord, Linkedin and right down to real world events.

There are Web 3.0 blockchain and crypto groups and meet up happening in just about every city, so if you find them, just be really of aggressive with the amount of activity that you’re doing and, and I assure you, and especially in this Web 3.0 space, where people are so open to connecting, that you will meet people who will introduce you to other people and as that community grows it becomes exponential.

The biggest thing to remember is in all of your interactions and all of your comments and all of your interaction with others and with your community, is to hold a high level of integrity and honesty, and that everything that you say and do is consistent with your vision. This then resonates with a lot of people and more people will connect to you as a person. That in Web 3.0 is perhaps ironically, the biggest part of being building a community, because it is such a technology focused discussion, it’s really the human side of it that sets people the apart.

What Technology Would You Use To Build A Social Community?

Currently the main platforms Jeff focuses on are Web 2.0 platforms Discord, Twitter (especially Twitter spaces), and LinkedIn. He recommends to try to participate by being a speaker, and not to just be a listener. When you do say something make sure it is of value and contributes to the conversation because you always pick up new followers and people and connections that way.

Going forward, Jeff expects there will be Web 3.0 social platforms built which will be great for community building, but right now it doesn’t have to be only Web 2.0 or only Web 3.0. They can work together. The car for example was invented on a four-wheel platform because that was the most stable platform for a buggy. Technology evolves as we go and every time we get something new we don’t throw out everything that happened before.

More and more Web 3.0 technology is shifting back and taking the best of Web 2.0 and adding to it.

How Does Web 3.0 Help Content Creators And Artists Forming Their Own Communities Over What Is Available In Web 2.0?

The biggest way platforms such as The Laughing Otter are helping content creators and artists is when you look at traditional Web 2.0 companies such as Facebook, Tiktok and Instagram, none of them truly reward the content creators.

The Laughing Otter is building out a way to use blockchain and NFTs to finally reward the content creators. Whether that’s an article or some music or whatever they create, that’s the direction the whole industry is moving. It’s this idea of people posting stuff that gets millions of views and benefitting the platform should share in the value created, and that’s where Web 3.0 is going to play its part. It will make it a fairer system.

Artists will be able to create their own community and then be able to monetize that community in a way like we’ve never seen before and thereby eliminating a lot of the financial erosion that happens when you need to bring in record companies and promoters and that sort of thing. They’ll be able to run their own business.


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