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What is the difference between public and private blockchain

What is the difference between public and private blockchain

Public and private blockchains are two different types of blockchain networks, characterized by the accessibility and permissioning of their participants.

Public blockchain:

  • Open to anyone: Anyone can participate as a node, validate transactions, and maintain the ledger.
  • Decentralized: There is no central authority controlling the network.
  • Transparent: Transactions and their details are publicly accessible on the ledger.
  • Secure: The decentralized and cryptographic nature of the network makes it secure.

Examples of public blockchains include Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Private blockchain:

  • Restricted access: Access to the network is restricted and controlled by a central authority.
  • Permissioned participants: Only selected and trusted participants can validate transactions and maintain the ledger.
  • Less transparent: Transactions and their details may not be publicly accessible, and the level of transparency may be limited.
  • Potentially less secure: The centralized nature of the network makes it more susceptible to tampering and hacking, although it can still be secure with proper security measures in place.

Private blockchains are commonly used in business and enterprise applications, where there is a need for control and privacy. Examples of private blockchains include consortium blockchain and enterprise blockchain.



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